Airbrush Colour, Metallic Silver, 55ml

Magic Colour

Magic Colours edible paints are glycerine-free colours for cake decorating, including a range of easy-flowing Metallic Colours. Designed for airbrushing these edible metallic colours will flow through the airbrush without fear of clogging the nozzle. Alternatively these colours can be applied with a brush or a sponge - use various types of brushes to achieve different results, from covering a cake with thin layer of colour to painting as creative as you desire. Magic Colours are fast drying and easy to clean with water or alcohol Correct Usage: Magic Metallic Airbrush colours only work by using a compressor that is 30psi or above. For external painting only (do not knead into paste) Important! Build up the colour in thin, light layers. After the first layer has dried you can add a second and even third layer to achieve the best results For covering, use a large brush or sponge and lightly tap the brush on the paste (brush gently) The appearance of a 'wet glaze' will disappear when dry (dries between 1-2 hours) Airbrush, paint or sponge on Metallic Airbrush Colours to creams and icing for an astonishing satin effect! Water / Alcohol Based.

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