Pettinice, Chocolate 750gm - Fondant,


Product Name: PETTINICE RTR CHOCOLATE ICING (MB) Product Code: 4223



PETTINICE RTR CHOCOLATE ICING is an easy to use base icing for the decoration of Christmas and Birthday cakes and other confectionery products. Before applying the base icing, brush the cake well with warm jam (preferably apricot). Remove the required amount of icing from the container and knead by hand until it is pliable and smooth. Pin out the icing to the required thickness and place over the cake. Press the icing over the cake and trim off. The cake is now ready for finishing with Royal Icing Recipe No R650a (using ACTIWHITE). PETTINICE RTR CHOCOLATE ICING can also be moulded into many decorative shapes appropriate for any occasion


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