Holly Leaf Silicone Veiner


Making your own flowers always adds an extra-special flair to your cakes!
Bring out your sugar artist skills and create life-like botanical flowers with our easy to use LOYAL Flower VEINERS.
Simply press your product in between the two VEINERS for detailed impressions of flowers and leaves.

Holly Leaf - Shrub leaf with distinct spiky, glossy green leaves and small red winterberries.

  • 2 piece VEINER consisting of front and back
  • Deep impressions for extra fine detailing, replicating real flowers
  • Suitable for home bakers and professionals
  • VEINERS are versatile and can be used for other floral designs
  • High quality silicone
  • Use with gum paste, modelling chocolate and marzipan
  • Australian made 

Note: Use with Cutter LFCA306


Buy Holly Leaf Silicone Veiner in NZ.